About Us


Founded in February 2012, Ana Banana offers parents, parents-to-be, family and friends the most innovative, trendiest and safest baby & tot products for their little loved ones. Focusing on the best sustainable materials available on the market, Ana Banana was founded based on the concept that both quality and style are important in preparing for the arrival of a new baby and as they grow. Offering modern and trendy products from various parts of the world, Ana Banana’s mission is to help people obtain the most innovative, stylish and safest product for their child. We pride ourselves on our customer service and hope that we can help in any way that we can!

The idea of opening Ana Banana started with the birth of their first child Elliana (also nicknamed Ana Banana-in picture above) in November 2011. As style conscious and environmentally aware parents Amy and Jonathan Clinch began their journey of preparing for the birth of their daughter, their taste for modern and high quality products created the idea of opening a store that focused on exactly that. Their mission is to offer products to customers that deliver style, quality real value.

They’re selection for Elliana’s new room is the Oeuf Perch Bunk Bed in white/walnut paired with the sparrow dresser in white/walnut and the walnut stain toy store. Oeuf is one of their carefully selected suppliers as they offer the right combination of modern and elegance while focusing on eco-friendly materials. To see a list of our brands, we encourage you to view our online catalogue.