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AppleCheeks Mini-Mini Multi Purpose Sac

$7.00 $3.50


Product Description

These FDA-certified Food Safe MiniMinis are 5.5 x 5.5″ and are perfect for baby essentials, pacifiers, art supplies, pencil case, loot bags, small electronics or portable gaming systems, first aid kits, hiking essentials, camping or beach gear, toiletries, makeup, travel supplies, menstrual products, credit cards, pocket change, receipts, jewelry, and so much more!

Shake out crumbs, turn inside out, wash on hot & dry on low

These are the perfect addition to the AppleCheeks Family!



Additional Information


The Strip, Capsized, Marooned, Samoa, Lavender Fields, Periwinkle, Hip To Be², Why So Cirrus?, Mrs.Robinson, Fairy Dust, Pacifically Riptide, IceBreaker, Who Cars?, Revolution, Cardinal Rule, Orange You Glad?, Lemon Zest, Cherry Tomato, Happy Holladays, Solar Flower


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