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Applecheeks Minizip + Garden By The Sea Body ans Butt Balm

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Product Description

Free Minizip with purchase of butt and body balm!

Garden By The Sea Butt and Body Balm:

Baby Breeze’s Butt & Body Butter is a gentle and scent free moisturizer. It’s an ideal choice for patches of dry skin on your wee ones bottom, face and everywhere in between!

Out butt & body butter is free from synthetic scents and preservatives so you can feel confident using it on little ones of all ages.

~Cloth Diaper Friendly: it is still recommended to use a disposable liner when using any cloth friendly diaper creams~

Ingredients: Pure avocado butter.. that’s it!

Storage Sac:

Multi-use mini storage sac:

• Wipes & spray, clean or soiled diapers & swimmers, baby essentials, pacifiers.
• Art supplies, pencil case, loot bags.
• Small electronics or portable gaming systems.
• First aid kits, hiking essentials, camping or beach gear.
• Toiletries, makeup, travel supplies, menstrual products.
• Credit cards, pocket change, receipts, jewellery.
• And so much more!


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