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Baby Wisp Mini Latch Wisp Clip – Chelsea Boutique Bow



Product Description

This adorable infant boutique hair bow is stitched to Baby Wisp® Mini Latch clips that comb into fine wispy hair and stay put! Bald Babies love Baby Wisp® for this reason because our bows work. Water repellent coating, Lead-free, with a silicone sleeve for added comfort and hold. Fits 0-12 Months best. Snap open, comb in hair, snap closed. Do not press on baby’s head.

High quality grosgrain bow tied into our ’boutique style’ bow. This boutique hair bow is signalled by its intricate loops and generally knotted centre that we call the Chelsea Bow. Boutique hair bows are gorgeous and have a little knot in the centre with loops on the sides. The bow is about 42 mm in total length and at its widest is about 23 mm wide loops. The ribbon used is 3/8 inch wide ribbon (9 mm)and tied at the center with 1/4 inch (6 mm) ribbon.

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Bluebird, Light Grey, Light Pink, Colonial Rose, Wildrose Blush


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