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Healing Hazel Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


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A genuine Baltic Amber teething necklace is a natural form of pain relief for teething babies. Amber itself is a fossilized tree resin, and contains “succinic acid”, which when released into the skin provides anti-infammatory and analgestic properties. For a teething baby, this means of pain relief, and reduction of the inflammation of the gums that accompanies teething. When the amber is worn against the skin, the warmth of the skin allows the amber to release trace amounts of the succinic acid, providing analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to the wearer.

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Polished Cherry, Polished Cognac, Polished Honey, Polished Multi, Raw Multi, Raw Cherry, Raw Honey, Raw Cognac


12-13”, 10.5”, 11”, Aklet 5.5”


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