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Bumkins 2pk Small Snack Bags



Product Description

The eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic baggies, snack bags are made from the same easy-wipe waterproof fabric as Bumkins award-winning SuperBibs. A smooth zipper closure holds crumbs in and single ply construction means no worrying about icky stuff growing between layers of fabric. Great for food or fun, snack bags help organize lunches, toys, electronics and more! Machine washable and dishwasher-safe (top rack) for easy cleaning.

  • Lab tested food safe
  • Zipper closure
  • Single-ply construction
  • Machine washable, dishwasher safe (top rack), hang dry
  • Each small bag measures 7” across and 3.5” from top to bottom.
  • BPA, PVC, Vinyl, Phthalate and Lead free

Additional Information


Sea Friends & Whales, Raindrops & Umbrellas, Arrows & Feathers, Cacti & Quill, Urban Bird, Watercolor Flowers, Nature, Safari & Elephant


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