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Sensible Lines Milk Trays

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Product Description

Milk Trays have been tested by experts and moms just like you
and we are happy to bring nursing moms a product that counts!

Milk Trays™,a breast milk freezing system, will freeze your expressed breast milk in one-ounce servings eliminating waste commonly associated with nurser bags. Unlike ice-cube trays, Milk Trays™ are specifically designed for expressed breast milk giving you, a breastfeeding mother, the confidence in knowing that none of your breast milk will be wasted.
Using Milk Trays™ allows you and/or your baby’s caregivers (dads, grandparents, day-cares, etc.) the ability to:

1) make each bottles to order
2) freeze expressed breast milk in one-ounce servings
3) achieve your breastfeeding goals
4) take up less space in the freezer allowing you to create a reliable “stash” of expressed breast milk

Our trays are made from the safest medical-grade plastic with a recycle rating number “1”. Milk Trays™ have fitted lids and the trays are flexible enough to allow the Milk Sticks, one-ounce frozen breast milk, to be removed easily. Milk Sticks will fit through any bottle opening. Milk Trays™, breast milk freezing trays, are reusable and a huge cost savings because they are a one-time expense for moms!

Milk Trays™ are the best choice for when you are ready to go back to work or if you are an on-the-go mom! Do you want to freeze your expressed breast milk in an easier, safer and more economical way? Choose Milk Trays™.

Milk Trays™ are FREE from Bisphenol-A, Phthalates and dyes. These trays and even the plastic itself are manufactured in right here in the USA and Sensible Lines is proud to say that we have been using the best plastic for freezing breast milk since the creation of Milk Trays™. Using this form of freezing breast milk reduces the amount of wasted plastic associated with nurser bags. Nurser bags have to be thrown away after only one use! Milk Trays™ are 100% reusable and recyclable! Moms can stop continuously spending money on nurser bags!
Studies show that infants fed with canned formulas and from bottles manufactured with BPA are exposed to as much as 13 mcg/kg per day. Moms want to look for plastic baby feeding products that are

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