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Silikids Silispoon Silicone Baby Spoons



Product Description

These baby spoons are perfect for new eaters and little teethers!  The silicone spoons are designed for young children starting to eat solid foods. Encourages self feeding and independent eating habits. The textured handle provides added grip and gives tactile experience, while the wide spatula-style head makes it easy to scoop food, keeping more food on the spoon. Also perfect for soothing sore gums and teething. Time to GoSili!

• Encourages independent eating habits
• Textured handles stimulate tactile experience
• Wide head makes it easy to scoop and holds food in place
• Great for soothing gums and little teethers
• Comes in 2 pack
• Dishwasher safe​
• 100% silicone

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs


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